About Emerson

Emerson Collins is just a bit like everyone else, with thoughts and opinions sometimes based in fact, but in reality more often just based on personal experience.  This blog is intended to share some of those thoughts for musing and discussion.  If we cannot share our thoughts, discuss them with others and then allow ourselves to grow and change based on that consideration, then what is really the point of talking to each other about anything?  “It Seems To Me…” is exactly that.  So welcome! Share your thoughts, provoke discussion, but try to do it with some respect and consideration for the fact that beyond Internet anonymity that is a person you are talking to on the other end.

Emerson also rambles rather offensively and continuously on Twitter Check out his so very limited TV/film work on IMDB or for random life information on Facebook

For actual work, Emerson Collins is an actor and producer.  He appeared on BRAVO’s social reality show “The People’s Couch” – where you can sit on your couch and watch him and his friends Blake McIver and Scott Nevins watch TV on their couch.  Yup, seriously.  That’s the show.  And it’s absolutely funnier than you are imagining right now.  Probably.  BRAVO may not approve, but you can basically watch all 21 episodes on YouTube if you are so inclined.

Emerson produced the film of the GLAAD-award-winning play Southern Baptist Sissies with his new production company Beard Collins Shores Productions and playing the lead role of “Mark” in the film with Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace), Dale Dickey (True Blood, Winter’s Bone), Bobbie Eakes (All My Children) and Willam Belli (RuPaul’s Drag Race).  The film has played 28 film festivals through 2013, winning 15 awards including 9 Audience Awards and Best Lead Actor for Emerson at the Red Dirt International Film Festival.  The film will be released on DVD and VOD in November.  The trailer for Sissies can be seen here


As an actor, he is best known for his work as “Max” in Del Shores’ Sordid Lives: The Series.  Emerson co-produced the twelve-episode television series for domestic distribution with Viacom/MTV’s LOGO network and IMG International for distribution and successful syndication in seventeen foreign markets.  He also produced the New York City, Los Angeles and Palm Springs premieres of the series in conjunction with The Trevor Project and OutfestLA.

Emerson’s Los Angeles theatre work includes The Altruists and Twelfth Night as a member of The Mechanicals Theatre Group and he appeared opposite Jonathan Slavin (Better Off Ted) in the world premiere of The Boomerang Effect by Matthew Leavitt at The Odyssey.

Emerson produced Blues For Willadean, the independent film adaptation of the NAACP award-winning play The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife starring Beth Grant (Speed, Donnie Darko, The Mindy Project), Octavia Spencer (The Help) and Dale Dickey (True Blood) which won the 2012 Narrative Audience Award for the Sidewalk and SHOUT Film Festivals in Birmingham, Alabama available on DVD and online.

Emerson joined Del Shores Productions as Vice-President of Development and began as a producer on the revivals of the long-running hits Sordid Lives, The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife while appearing onstage in Southern Baptist Sissies running in repertory as A Season of Shores.  At the end of the successful eight-month run, he was instrumental as a producer in launching the national tour of Sordid Lives and Southern Baptist Sissies while still performing onstage in Sissies as “Benny” opposite Leslie Jordan, Dale Dickey and Delta Burke.  The tour played to over 15,000 fans in venues packed over the 1,700 mark from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale.  Additionally, Emerson produced the Season of Shores Summer Concert Series featuring a series of successful artists such as Levi Kreis (2010 Tony Winner for Million Dollar Quartet) and Billboard dance artist Debby Holiday.

Emerson also produced the world premiere production of Del Shores’ most recent play, Yellow, selected as Critic’s Choice by the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly and Backstage and winner of the LA Drama Critic’s Circle Award for Best Production.

Award-winning regional theatre work includes Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for “Dickon” in The Secret Garden, Best Actor in a Play for Southern Baptist Sissies and additional nominations for “Ponyboy” in The Outsiders, “Robbie” in A Man of No Importance and the title roles in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the world premiere musical Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates.  Other regional theatre highlights include Hamlet and Taming of the Shrew with Dallas’ Shakespeare in the Park, An Inspector Calls, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Fiddler on the Roof, The Fantasticks, Cinderella, My Fair Lady, A Chorus Line, Romeo and Juliet and the Off-Broadway Premiere of Tim Rice and Alan Menken’s King David in the role of “Jonathan”.

Emerson can also be seen in the web series Super Love Hero. Emerson directed and produced the DVD live tapings of Del Shores’ one man shows Del Shores: My Sordid Life, Del Shores: Sordid Confessions and Del Shores: Naked. Sordid. Reality.

If you read this far – congratulations – that was awkward right?  I wish I had an assistant so I could pretend they wrote it, but nope, all me.  Anything else you want to know – I listed like 400 places you can hit me up – feel free to do so.  The goal of this blog is just for me personally to give consideration to what I think about various subjects, be they important or trivial, and discuss them with others.  Challenging each other to think intentionally and specifically whether we agree or not should be the goal of thoughtful debate.  Come play!


7 Responses to About Emerson

  1. Your “musings” were well taken and in a very constuctive manner. Comparing “my favorite movie” and the live performance felt like comparing a great book to a movie rendition. Truly, it could never be the same, but why can’t we look for the good aspects of both.


  2. I thought the post on the victory in Arizona was very thoughtful and well presented. I really would like to know you a little better as well. It was a great post.


  3. Elisa says:

    Thanks for the interesting discussion. It can be difficult on WP to find people who really wish to have discussion. It can be hard to tell which ones really want such a thing and which ones just want to rant and ask questions that they do not want answered. Ok, feedback I tend not to care for the word answered.


    • Yeah, it’s an interesting dynamic. I get people who just want to share their thoughts. It’s one approach. For me, it’s more about sharing and then allowing my own opinions to grow and change and solidify as I consider the responses of others (when they are intelligent and thoughtful of course;). I think we are losing the ability to have intelligent disagreements and discussions by just continuously shouting at each other virtually. So just doing my part in my little corner of the world to…not be like that. Thanks for responding!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Armani Prinsloo says:

    Emerson, do you do book reviews?


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