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White People and the Bigger Ferguson Picture

The events that are occurring in Ferguson are important to all of us.  Not should be.  Are.  The very least we can do as allies is stay informed as events move forward.  If you have not been following along, start … Continue reading

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An Ivory Response to an Ebony Frustration

Dear Ms. Mannie, I found your piece for the Daily Mississippian, shared widely by TIME here, to be both thought-provoking and more nuanced than many of the responses have allowed.  I also believe the importance of various minority subcultures to be … Continue reading

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The Richard Sherman Reactions

Disclaimer:  I am not a sportsball fan.  I don’t have any teams or affiliations, and I fall into that category of people who get excited for the Super Bowl because of the commercials and the concert.  So it was by … Continue reading

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Am I Afraid Of Black People?

As I hurried my way down Santa Monica Boulevard this afternoon on my way to the gym trying to beat the after-work rush, just before I reached the crosswalk that regularly sees standoffs between absent-minded drivers and aggressive pedestrians (which, … Continue reading

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Family Reunion, Casual Racism and Incest

I was home in Dallas recently, visiting my family to make up for my absence at Christmas.  This was a big deal because Christmas is not so much a holiday in our family as a full-contact sport.  We take the … Continue reading

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